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  1. Thanks Mikey, I really appreciate your advice. I'd be a fool not to take it. I'm picking up a bag of last-o-lite 30 this Friday. Can't wait to fire it up. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I’m in the process of making a gas forge from a refrigerant bottle. My original plan was 2 layers of 1 inch ceramic fiber blanket, rigidizer, 1/2 inch of kast-o-lite 30, and a final layer of a zirconium silicate wash. But after reading the posts from D.Rotblatt, the idea of rigidizing followed by a thin coat of zirconium/silica and having a forge with a much lower thermal mass is appealing. What’s bothering me about this is that my 8# ceramic blanket is only rated at 2300’F and I don’t know if the thin layer will insulate/protect the ceramic blanket from degradation like the hot face of kast-o-lite. I don’t want to save on propane at the expense of having to rip down the forge and rebuild. My burner is a 1/2 inch Mikey burner. Any thoughts, suggestions? I'll cut access and vent holes in 'covers' once I know where my floor is. .023 mig tip, 3 intakes, filed square and beveled on inside lower edge. Flame at 5psi, choke almost closed.
  3. Hi All, I've been lurking in the shadows for while here, gathering info and making notes. Thanks to all that contributed to this site! All the info that is here is amazing, and sometimes overwhelming! Brian