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  1. LMAO you guys didn't really help him out
  2. Yes Sir, thats my project for this upcoming weekend. I'm hoping I did things correctly.. Either way it was a fun experience.. although I do have a "ash burns" on my neck and arms to remember it by
  3. I appreciate all the tips I got from people in the forum! 65 lbs magnetite 200 lbs charcoal total burn time 6 hours approx 3-4 lb charges every 10 min about 30 lbs bloom
  4. I actually used Corn meal and corn starch with a bit of ground charcoal, added a bit of water, mixed, let dry and crumbled it up to the consistency of the crumbles you would find on top of a Coffee Cake, smelted well, I'm going to post the pics of the smelt and bloom shortly.
  5. Fair point, my next step is to make that determination, any advice would be very helpful As it stands now I have about 35 lb bloom not sure of the quality of the metal yet.
  6. Thanks all for the advice, did my smelt this weekend, went well , will post pics in a new thread.
  7. Do you think a typical home leaf blower pushes too much air on its lowest setting??
  8. The height of the furnace was bout 4- or 4.5 feet high. The blower was a leaf blower. I was thinking that if he turned off the blower for the charge, poured charcoal on top and turned the blow back on that might mitigate some of the problem?
  9. Hi all, Trying my hand at backyard tatara smelt. I assisted a friend with his last week and a lot of the fine magnetite he purchased online simply blew out of the furnace. Any recommendations on how to work around this? I saw one post where a guy mixed the magnetite with fine charcoal powder and water and make "cakes" with them but there was no other detail. Any thoughts? Thanks, Vincent M