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  1. At long last the grinder is here!! I’m still waiting for the flat platen and stand. Thanks to Fed-x ineptitude it won’t be here till Monday. I only got to play with it for @ 90 minutes . I’m amazed by how much metal it will move and how much cooler the steel is! I have to work all weekend so I won’t be able to get back to it till later Monday or Tuesday.
  2. I used files first. Then upgraded to a 1X30 HF . I have used it for a while and feel I have reached it's limits. I know that I can't buy skill. I do hope that a better tool will allow my skills to grow. I think the grinder is the most used of all the power tools in knife building so I wanted to have one I would not outgrow. I went the 7in drive wheel per the manufactures recommendations and according to them the output of the motor with the VFG on 120 is 1.5 hp. Hopefully I wont have any issues but I could always swap out the 7in to a 4in . This wait is hard! I hope it ships soon.
  3. I ended up with the Ameribrade and after reading and watching vids and making a wish list of features I completely blew my budget ! I have a package that I think will cover all my needs. I have on order the grinder with 2 hp VFD, 7in drive wheel, 10 round contact wheel and tooling arm, flat platen with tooling arm, small wheel holder with tooling arm, 2 small wheels, The new tilting hinge for horizontal grinding, and the stand with arm storage. Usually the only negatives that I hear about the Ameribrade is that it uses 2in arms instead of the 1.5. I do find that the accessories that they make
  4. Hello all. I am looking for a 2x72 beltgrinder. My budget is @ $800-$900. I am looking at the OBM single speed setup. What thoughts do you all have for this machine? Do you have any alternative machines I should look at? What belt recommendations do you have? Thank you for any advice. I have learned much from this site and I am thankful for you all taking your time to share!
  5. Hello group, I have recently started to form metal to my will using fire and hammer! It is a very fun pastime. I have not yet taken any classes other than a few youtube vids. I am curently looking to buy a forge as what I have now is only soft firebrick and a torch. I will show some of my projects so far. I have a few leaves I can see improvement in them form when I started. Here are my first second and third attempts. I also a made a leaf ring for my daughter. My last project was a knife. I have done a couple of stock removal blades but this was all forged. I u
  6. I am in a similar situation in as far as I'm looking to buy a forge. I have started forging with a soft firebrick and torch forge. using a claw hammer and HF small anvil! I wish to find some classes near me and so far I have only attended youtube university. I have picked up a few more items but I do not yet have a welder. I have been looking at forges in the $400 range. I am looking very hard at the Mathewson metals metalsmith forge. The only thing holding me back is the small size. I was looking at the majestic but they seem to be several shortcomings with the design. If anyone has any exp
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