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  1. I recently acquired a larger Champion Eureak Geared Blower that has an electric blower that I am trying to restore. It is missing the twist-in cover to control the air flow and I will need to fabricate or find one. Does anyone have a picture of one they would be willing to share? or better yet a spare to sell? The Eureka geared blowers are the ones that bolt to the side of the small forges usually referred to as a rivet forge, but this blower came from a larger 142 forge. If you don't have the large one, even the smaller one will help. Thank you in advance for your help Henry
  2. Wolf Prairie Arts

    Identification of Champion Blower

    Is it a Champion #140? It has that style of handle and a 3-legged stand. See Page 10 of the #80 catalog posted at https://ozarktoolmanuals.com/wp-content/uploads/pdfcatalogs/Champion_Blower_Forge.pdf It might also be a #40 or a Lancaster Geared Blower as they appear to use the same gearbox, but a different handle. The midway has a vertical gearbox so it's out As many have stated it appears to be too big to have the eureka geared blower on the smaller agricultural/rivet forges. Henry