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  1. Here's the "finished" product. It doesn't look great, but it's working pretty well. I might get a nicer one made in the future now that I know exactly what's involved. A mechanic friend of mine had the flare end made at a different muffler shop; it's crude but suits my needs well for now. I'll change to a smaller MIG tip if I have a chance tomorrow to try to get rid of that yellow flame and post back tomorrow. VID_20180921_185126.mp4
  2. Haha glad to see we've created a new word, now we just have to send it into Webster and see if it makes it into the next edition! Just an update, the muffler shop around the corner had a scrap 2.5" exhaust pipe, it was a piece with a lot of bends but the straight part was enough to get my piece out of it. The old guy that helped me didn't seem to have the best welding skills in the world, so while I wouldn't trust my car to them (good to know...), he was able to get my burner put together. I'll post pictures and a video in the evening (so you can get a better look at the flame). I'm going to change out the MIG tip as well to see what effect that has. Thanks for all your help guys, you're the best!
  3. From what I read, yellow means it's running rich, right? So keeping the mixer tube the same size, I'd have to use a slightly smaller MIG tip to adjust the amount of propane. Is that right?
  4. What if I got a 2.5" exhaust pipe welded onto the burner body for the mixing tube? That should be ok, right? It would be a lot easier to find.
  5. Hey guys, I was sitting at the dinner table finishing the can of Guinness that I drank with my stir fry (that I made on my indoor gas range), and I started thinking that the tall can was almost the right height and diameter for my purposes... so I took a pair of scissors to it, cut off the top and the bottom, and cut open the top to use as a flange as John recommended. Would you believe that it worked?! So know I have a good idea of what size pipe I need and I see that my problem was definitely having the wrong size mixing tube. I'll keep you posted on any further developments, thanks for the tips! VID_20180920_190437.mp4
  6. Just measured my wok and it looks like an 8-10" diameter flame would be ideal. Is there way I could get the forge burner to provide a wider flame? Maybe a different sized flare on the end? I'll check out the weed burner tip, too. I had the same idea John, I'm actually working on that piece of duct right now to try to reduce it (just for testing purposes).
  7. Yes, this is for outdoor use. I'm looking for a blowtorch type flame and basically I only need "high" and "off". I know you're right, it's just that I'd have to buy a burner the next time I go to the US to visit my family and bring it back in my checked luggage, and those things are heavy! Thanks for your advice.
  8. Ok I understand, I have looked at forge burner builds to try to get a better understanding of how these designs work so I know what you're referring to. Would this be in addition to getting a smaller diameter mixing tube or could I try this with the mixing tube I have now?
  9. Haha well the first order of business is stir fry in a wok, then maybe some pork carnitas (pork fried in its own fat!). I wish we could get good seafood down here for a nice crab/crawfish boil!
  10. Hi all, thanks for the replies. In the video that I took showing my problem, I had a test shroud on that is 4" ID. I have a welded prototype that has a 3.25" ID shroud made of black pipe, they are both 6" tall as per the plans. It's very hard to find the exact pipe that the original builder used down here, but I will keep looking for something smaller and as Buzzkill and John recommended. John, what do you mean by putting a constrictor inside the mixing tube? Is that something I should consider doing too? And Frosty, thank you very much, I actually do intend to use this burner for wok cooking.
  11. Thank you, was looking for something like this. I'll look it over well. To add to my original post, I found this on another website: "Eventually, if the fuel flow is increased beyond the capacity of the burner, the flame will start standing clear of end and it becomes unstable. In open air, the flame will literally blow off the burner." Sounds like it describes my problem pretty well, which is why I switched to the 0.035" MIG tip, but I got the same results. From what I read, this might mean too much pressure? The regulator is 20 PSI non-adjustable, could that be my issue? I thought the valve would make up for the regulator not being adjustable.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and have seen that you guys know a TON about burners; I haven't come across a site specifically for my needs but you guys look like the most knowledgeable folks around when it comes to propane burners. I'm following this Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Propane-Jet-Burner-Brewing-Seafood-Wok-Bur/ But the flame keeps blowing itself out when I open up the valve, as you can see in the video I attached. I thought the problem was my 1/16" orifice so I switched to a 0.035" MIG tip, but the results are the same. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me some pointers, I tried to contact the inventor of this burner but I've gotten no response. I live at 6,000 feet above sea level in Mexico, if that helps as far as air/fuel ratio. VID_20180919_170611.mp4