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  1. Yeah, we should definitely meet up sometime.
  2. I live near boulder and Sahara, on the east side Yes, I am talking about the Mormon fort classes, which one are you going to?
  3. Yes, and hopefully I can pick up some tips from my class as well. The great thing about having a site like this is that I can get great tips from those who have knowledge and experience.
  4. I've thought about that, the biggest propblem isn't actually space, but noise. My neighbors are very sensitive to that sort of thing, and my landlord is very strict. UntI can get the funds to move somewhere else, I'll just have to find places away from where i live.
  5. Howdy everyone! I'm a Las Vegas local who has always been interested in blacksmithing. Besides reading tons of books on the art and watching a blacksmith work in Asheville for a day, I haven't really had any exposure to it. I'm reaching middle age though (and perhaps a midlife crisis as will), and I've decided i NEED to pursue this before it's too late. I live in a trailer park, so my geography may be ultimately prohibitive, but I am determined to find some way to try this. I have signed up for a class this winter which will give me a chance to at least experience it once. Hopefully I will be able to glean knowledge and receive inspiration from this community!