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  1. Burnett C

    6' bucket cutter edge

    Thank you Frosty I love the shear idea. With having 6 feet I might use a single plate with hardy holes for twisting and obviously holding hardys then use the rest I think for a brake for my sheet work and the shear you mentioned. I made a wise choice joining the forum. Tons of experience from all walks of life.
  2. Burnett C

    6' bucket cutter edge

    Thanks for the responses guys. I'm sure I can put it to use. Maybe stack, weld, and purpose for striking anvil. (Great tip on hardy holes BTW)
  3. Burnett C

    6' bucket cutter edge

    Hello, I'm new to the group and have only been smithing for about 4 months but have used this forum for about a year for research and development in building my single burner ammo can forge. I have a question about steel type however; I just recently picked up a 6'x4"x1/2" tractor bucket cutter edge from our facility manager and I am wondering if anyone has any info on the types of steel used in these products. There are no stampings on the piece and I haven't had any luck with google.