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  1. I used the design from Hybrid Burners for my bypass. Those Rob's plumbing (and forge in general) is WAY more elegant that what I ended up with. Nice work! http://www.hybridburners.com/pics/idle-full.jpg
  2. The chokes are open completely, so I'm not sure how to get more oxygen in.
  3. So basically it is just to xxxx big. What if I put in a small pass thru at floor level, then filled in the back 4 to 5 inches with mizzou? Effectively reducing the inside capacity by leaving a pass thru. I measured and is about 600 cubic inches total. Inside is 20 inches long. 7 inches high. And 4 to 5 inches high (not uniform).
  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment hg. I really appreciate it. I haven't measured it directly yey but I'd hazard to say it is about 700 as you guessed. I've been thinking and looking for a good solution to plug the back and reduce the size when not needed. My goal with it is to (eventually) try my hand at some longer blades and swords. So I built it knowing that was a long term goal. I don't want to just stuff the back with kaowool cause fibers /bad but I'd love any suggestions for a temporary plug. Was going to put a shelf on the back too so I could at least stack a brick there to close it off but haven't had time yet.
  5. 24 inch long air compressor tank 2 - 3/4 t-rex burners 2 inch kaowool covered/sealed with mizzou castable slathered on itc-100 high temp temp probe I can get to about 2200F (according to probe) but it definitely takes a while, and about 16 psi to achieve. I'm wondering if my burners aren't quite tuned properly. The dragon's breath is mostly blue, which I assume means it needs more air, but i'm running it with the chokes almost wide open. Ideas? Comments? helpful critiques? harsh critique? I'll take them all.