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  1. Here's a mock-up, finally got the hole for the firepot grinded/filed out. That was a couple evenings and finished it up today. Now on to welding sometime in the next week, hopefully. I work a full-time job landscaping and painting a new house on the side on the evenings and weekends so it's tough to find time.
  2. Noob, yea I thought about doing that. The design has pretty much been tried and tested. My main thing was I didn't want it so small that it was a hassle and if I ever get a bigger work area that it was appropriately sized but not too big for the area I'm working in now. I got the pieces cut working on the cutout for the firepot now. I was hoping to have it together by now but I haven't had many free evenings.
  3. Ok that would definitely help. And do you mean 12"is the minimum you would work with our are you talking about your setup? Irondragon I'm not sure on my hood setup, my work area atm is outside until I get my shop setup so the hoods gonna be an afterthought. I checked that super sucker thread, may have to do some more research butt I couldn't find any needed dimensions as far as clearance or space needed.
  4. So would I be good with moving the firepot to 6" away from the back? That would give me 12" in the front.
  5. Yea I was thinking about not having a lip around the table but after suggestions I changed that a bit which is why I wanted more space around it. I already have the firepot so that is what it is. So being I plan on adding a lip to it, how far should I move the firepot back and keep a good working area behind it for coal? I have a couple hundred pounds of Coke and some coal that will need to be turned to coke and may have to purchase only coal in the future As far as side to side area I was planning on leaving more room to one side for tools, work pieces, whatever. I've seen a few forges like this and i like it, it's just what I want.
  6. Taking into account the suggestions here I made some changes. They green light is where I plan on adding a lip around the back and sides. I moved the firepot forward by 2" but it still don't seem like a lot of space. Should I expand the table to 36" or am I overthinking this?
  7. I will, it's probably going to take me a week or two to get it cut and together.
  8. I'm using Coke mostly, I have 200lbs and 50 or so of coal. Im looking to make tools, decorative stuff and maybe the occasional knife. I really like making interesting pieces, oddities and such.
  9. Thank you for the help. I'm trying not to overlook anything before I go to cutting and it helps to have other eyes seeing what I may have missed.
  10. I messed up and had some numbers backwards. Here's it updated
  11. If my anvil is at 31.5"should my table be the same height it an inch or two above?
  12. Yea I want planning on having a fence/lip around it. I was thinking it may be big enough that falling coal or embers wouldn't be too much of an issue. I'll be working on a dirt floor. I just like the idea of the freedom of movement on all but the backside. Yes the scale is way off and the more I look at it the more I see but it takes so much to edit it on mobile. God I need a PC so bad.
  13. I'm working on my forge table design and being my first one I could sure use some tips or suggestions. It's not to scale as I was doing this on mobile and it was tough to get that far with a new app that I haven't used. My idea was to leave enough room around 3 sides to pile up fuel and have room for tools and longer work pieces. I'm just not sure if it's a good design or if numbers need tweaked. It's taken me 5 months to acquire the metal and tools and the forge. I just don't want to short myself in the design.
  14. Just looking for information and to better my skills.