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  1. I don’t want to have that attitude I hate being like that but I feel like I’m getting attacked first for the way I did it secondly for the YouTube thing and third because I’m a “youngin” which is basically what he said
  2. And you display the mind set of a know it all old man that’s past his time. This isn’t just about you I hate the older generation hating on the newer ones for little to no reason say the way we kids do things are wrong, no we do things the way we believe is right and 9/10 times it works just as well or better I’m not asking for something super confusing just tell me what you recommend for gas forges (fire blanket, fire bricks) etc I’m really annoyed with your negativity towards somthing that has changed the way people do things I understand that but I’m saying everything is on YouTube
  3. There is 1.5 billion videos on YouTube what isn’t on YouTube The reason I found it is for cheap forges so that’s why plaster and sand came up cause there cheap and I don’t work for free Walmart (11.35 hour) construction (17.25 hour) driving tractors (25.15 hour) so no not for free and when did I say you should work for free 1 video is easy with the time your spending replying on here you could make a video and get payed from it so what do you mean Okay so tell me what would you use to line your gas forge Okay so ya I’m making a foundry furnace then but every time I loo
  4. Obviously u haven’t watched YouTube a lot cause everything is on there and teachers use YouTube to learn anything they want like woods teachers use it for projects science teachers use it to show anything in detail so ya
  5. So I’ll give a little back story on my life so you realize where I’m coming from. I’m 17 I’ve work construction I’ve done sandblasting I’ve worked machanical and I’ve driven tractors for awhile and even worked retail at Walmart I’ve almost fail English every year because I hate reading. Reading is useless in my generation because everything is digital like I buy audio books when I need to do a book report etc so that’s where I’m coming from a person that hates reading and doing this is more of a hassle then anything else and I learn from watching not reading so have this stuff doesn’t help my
  6. Oh okay and by the way I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Okay see this is why a lot of people use YouTube. It’s easy to navigate and you can get what you need and see what is happening. I’ve read afew threads now and heard people talk about forge 101 yet I can’t find it I’ve searched up building a gas forge can’t find anything I’ve tried just a generic search of building forge nothing it just keeps bringing up the same ones I’ve seen multiple times over and that have nothing to do with what I want like one was welding in a forge so this is why I try to ask
  7. Okay so thank you I haven’t even got to the mood yet cause I want to make sure I can melt first but as u can see in the pictures that’s what I first made and I got mad and started to take it apart and in the other two pictures I have a tiger torch and a hot plate so I’m thinking about making the next one a gas forge but still could someone just tell me what I should make my walls out of just a simply one word answer cause I want to start it ASAP cause I would like to move onto figureing out the mold No I haven’t I tried signing up to the website but never got email confirmation
  8. Thomas thank you for the advice but don’t be give me attitude I never said anyone was a nobody and I am just trying to figure of what’s the best thing to use and I haven’t been on this site for long (1 day ) so I don’t know how to use it that’s why I created a post to see if someone could give me a straight answer on what to use and I’ve read a lot of people use the plaster sand mixture and I already use concrete before I read anything so now I’m trying to restart and figure out what to use/ do
  9. That is kinda why I’m here I’ve done abit of research but nobody says anything about concrete so now I know that won’t work but no should I do the plaster and Paris and sand mixture or should I do clay or fire bricks I do know I would really like to use the same barrel just take the concrete out and just re do it
  10. Hey glen I am trying to melt metal to liquid form to put into a mold to make a tool I will change the title to foundry furnace
  11. So I looked up a video on YouTube and I watched abit didn’t really pay any attention and skipped most of it so that’s what my first xxxxx up was. So I got concrete and I had a metal barrel that used to hold industrial soap but it’s probably a 20L barrel and I made about a 1.5 inch bottom with a old tail pipe coming through the bottom so I can use air to make the coals hot and I made a 2 inch wall inside and I used a old patio step made from concrete for the top and drilled holes through it. Now my problem is I can’t melt anything not even a Pepsi can so I don’t know what to do can someone help
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