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  1. Good point! Which tong's are the "Standard"? I've seen so many different styles for specific purposes, can anyone recomend a basic starter set?
  2. Thanks Frosty! i knew the leaf blower was over-kill. I put a Y in the pvc, along with a pvc valve. I kept that about 3/4 open and a good bit of the air was kicked back out trough the open pipe. The valve allows me to adjust the air flow. Since I had a leaf blower, and the girlfriend didn't want to part with her hair dryer, I made it work! I will work on finding a better "anvil", and will take your advice on mounting it lower. It is also pretty handy to have the second basin as a quench tank. Since I'm using channel locks until I can get some tongs, i found myself cooling them in the water often.
  3. Hey all, My name is Jon. I live in Glen Rock, PA. I decided 2 weeks ago that I wanted to give blacksmithing a try. I saw an article in "Popular Mechanics" about building a forge from a stainless steel kitchen sink. Check it out here! After searching on google many times for research, I ended up on this site for advice and stories to help me along many times. So thanks to all who post here. I found a lot of it very useful. I welded together a cart, got a sink on craigslist, and made a few trips to Lowes. Tonight, I finally got to fire it up! It works great I guess, don't really have anything to compare it to, but it made a railroad spike glow and I got to hammer it. So I was pleased. I've attatched A picture of my "setup" in case anyone was interested. I look forward to progressing at this hobby, so I'm sure I will get to talk to many of you soon. Thanks again, Jon