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  1. I noticed the rocks cracked from the heat in the video @Dale Russell shared, but I have firericks rated for 2800 f so that should work. I also dug up and refined a good paint can sized lump of natural clay to use for joint/dirt. This design looks good, I noticed he has a very big hole that centers the heat which I assume is the firepot, which might be why I couldn't get heat smh. I heard manual pumps are better for conservation of fuel and for charcoal so I'll swap out the hairdryer if it's too much air.
  2. I am new to this forum and to forging itself, so please bear with me I have always been fascinated by the concept of molding metal to your will, into things that you imagine and can use afterwards. (A cool sword with a scabbard is my end goal) I chose a solid fuel for my first forge and I can't seem to get the charcoal hot enough to get to red for whatever reason? I know I should easily get orange/yellow temperatures with steel, but for some reason, which I suspect to be my air supply, it's just frustration and a lack of forging going on. I'm using Crown Oak natural charcoal (broke
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