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  1. I got it figured out y’all. Not sure if it’s standard but it works.
  2. Frosty, should I also ridgidize the kawool that I will stuff in between the ribbon burner and the square body that holds the burner to keep the heat from chimney effect?
  3. Thanks for all the replies y’all! When you say nozzle, what part are you talkin about? Does the gas need to be fed into the pipe through a certain fitting or just through the 1/4” pipe? I have a Venturi burner that feeds with a .030 mug tip and was wondering if I need to do something similar with the ribbon setup.
  4. Greeting folks! I am building a ribbon burner forge and was looking for some plumbing advise. I have a regulator and hose and I have the 2x3/4” Tee that I have reduced The 3/4” down to 1/2”. Do I simply feed the gas to it through the needle valve or do I need something in between to reduce it more. Any advise/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated. I posted this in the ribbon burner section but haven’t got a reply yet so I figured I’d try here. Thanks, Joe
  5. Greetings everyone! I am in the process of putting together a ribbon burner forge and I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to share how you ran the gas to the air pipe to feed propane in. I am planning on using 2” black iron pipe and I have a 2x 3/4” tee for the propane inlet but need some pointers on where to go from here. What size and type of fittings do i need? Is a gauge necessary? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Joe
  6. Thank you Mr. Frosty! Very helpful info.
  7. Greetings everyone! Is west Systems 40 a good ridgidizer for kaowool? Do I just mix and apply like paint if so? I know it’s been covered a little before but I wanted some definite info on it. I am building a ribbon burner forge and I would like to ridgidize the wool before coating with kastolite and metrikote. Thanks, Joe
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