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  1. How much steel can I buy with that? Joking aside I do plan on doing that as I get more into it. Right now I was just doing a little stock removal hoping to incorporate a little hammer work as I go. Just because it is fun! Goals help me succeed and I was thinking that this was beyond me me to upset that thin steel but I thought I would ask. Anyway I have done a little hammering but need to find just the right thing to start making that motivates me. I think I want to try making some leaf bottle openers to practice my hammer work. Saw that on Alex Steele Thabks for the input.
  2. Interesting, another good idea. I may just have to try them all! I think a hidden tang will be my first go since the tang is almost long enough for a full tang. No problem putting pins in since there will be plenty of space. I only need to add like 1/2 inch. This would save a lot of weight too as my first knife was quite a beast for a small knife. The next idea sound like drifting it would be a neat idea since I could lose weight and have a full tang. One of the reasons I wanted to make a bunch of small knives first. Lots of practice with different techniques and designs. Thanks, everyone for the very helpful tips! This has given me lots of ideas. Off to draw some
  3. Well it looks like it would be very difficult. I wanted to take from the width and lengthen it. I assumed it could be frustrating which is why I asked so I will aim on a different task first. Maybe I will just skip to trying a hidden tang. It is a small knife so it should still be durable. Thanks for the response. And thanks for saving me some material an frustration!
  4. Hello, I am very new to blacksmithing. I have only shaped a few things with a hammer and have made a stock removal knife. I am curious about how difficult it would be to upset 1/8 flat stock. I have an 11.6 inch by 1.5 inch by 1/8 inch piece of flat stock to learn to make knives with. I decided to make some small knives first to get the hang of it and to save money. I made a knife that I am fairly happy with but wanted to try to give a bit more handle to the next knife. With limited supply I thought making 2 knives from each piece of steel saves money and gives me more practice. So I have a 6 inch piece leftover from the last knife but wanted to try to give it a slightly longer handle. There is plenty of steel for an experienced blacksmith. I think :). So here is my question. Is it possible for a complete newb to try upsetting the 1/8 Inch steel to thicken it and then draw it out a bit longer for a newb? Since the steel is so thin I could see it being difficult to not fold it over and end up just making a mess. Is this a skill a newb should attempt or should I wait for more experience first? Or is it just too difficult period? I know I could just do a hidden tang but like the idea of a full tang. Eventually I will try other styles but was curious if this was worth pursuing. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for any advice or tips!
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