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  1. Yeah I agree I can't wait to get started Tomorrow I will start and will post updates on it
  2. I have one! Great It was a nice idea though lol Yeah I can't wait to get my hands dirty with this build.
  3. Awesome, i mean I will definitely have a set up between hand bellowing and electric blower I thought I could try it at least. 7 dollars Seemed a steal But can't wait to hear all future suggestions pertaining to my projects Thanks guys
  4. Alright that's perfect, since it rains alot here I want to keep it a little back from the weather so I can work when it's hurricaning here lol but yes def want it as little light as possible. I will take that into consideration. Man I'm excited!! Also found this at the flea market I know it's not practical for what I need but thought it was cool anyhow Any ideas?
  5. Yeah I can see that. Thanks for the input on it I'm still deciding and blueprinting lol First things first. Cleaned out Plastic off Light source ( I work until dark every day and here in Stuart Florida that means 6 30 ish....) Thank you everyone
  6. Yes I'd love to see your progress pics, thanks. Yea thanks for the info That would be cool to. Wow guys everyone has been super helpful, thanks again
  7. Will do, and I will keep a new extinguisher ready just in case. Thanks
  8. Wow thanks guys. That's good information. I've seen you help a lot of people Mr. Stevens and I'm just stoked you commented on my post, Also Jasent thank you for your input too. I will definitely take your guys consideration in building this forge. I will post pics to update Have a great day guys
  9. Ok, so I have a nice 15*15 horse barn to convert to a small shop, and I'm wondering if these bricks would work for a charcoal forge, and also what kind of medium should I go with,. Mortar,clay? Also want some small chimney of sorts All help appreciated for a beginner blacksmith.
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