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  1. thanks for the info. I actually bought the blower & 2 tongs the first day I went. I gave the lady $25 & came home, took the face off, clean out dirt dobbers nests & she spins great. a good 2 & 1/2 turns when u let it go. so I am cleaning up & getting it ready to use not sure on grinding wheel. around here a descent size one goes for $80 to 100.
  2. thanks for the feedback. sorry I was vague but I really don't know much about them. the guy said it is a trip hammer. the pulley system connected to a motor would power the hammer which was forced by big springs & when u step on the pedal it would release the hammer. hope that helps. & I'm just looking for a price to offer her for the items & a little better understanding of them. thanks
  3. hey guys I'm just looking for some advice on what some of the service items might be worth. I have a lady looking to sell them & I'm trying to buy them but I have no clue the value. she has an old foot pedal power hammer that was ran off a pull system & an old drill press ran off a pully. she also has an old motor operated grinding stone that still works & several different hand tools. I will upload some pictures but they are not very good. any advice is appreciated thanks. sorry it looks like I didn't get a picture of the power hammer but it's about 6 foot tall. & looks about in the same shape as the drill press
  4. that Mohawk no.40 is actually bigger than the champion 400.
  5. yeah the 400 is usable right now just have to have a small engine set up to run it.
  6. hey guys thanks for the inforation on the mohawk no.40. I ended up getting it & I got a champion 400. this one is in good shape but they removed the crank gears & made it into a pulley driven blower. it spins & blows but not sure if I should try finding gears for it & make a hand crank or what to do with it? or if finding gears is even possible. I got them both for $40. $25 for the champion & $15 for the mohawk. not sure if they are paper weights though lol.
  7. we actually started at $75 & now he will take $40 but I don't think he will go any lower
  8. well I just got here & it does not spin now. he said the last time he had looked at it, it was turning. the blades look good but I'm not sure now. it is rusted some & the wood is gone from the handle. also is the Mohawk blower a good brand? these blowers seem really hard to find & are crazy expensive on ebay but most are champion brands so thats why I asked about this brand
  9. thanks I am located in Texas & I will try to learn how to upload a picture. is there any way of dating this item? the guy is asking $50. is that a fair deal?
  10. my daughter & i are wanting to start doing some vintage style blacksmithing. we are looking to build our forge with an old blowr & tube. i ran across a No.40 Mohawk blower made in Louisville KY. I can't find anything about this brand? I have seen some champions but I am wondering what is a fair price for this blower? its on a stand & in working condition. any info would be great thanks
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