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  1. The depression will be about 1.5" deep, straight-sided. I can use my steel cylinder as the positive die. It's the right diameter, and I can hammer it into the sheet with the appropriate support. The idea of using a tree stump as the negative die is interesting. Would I need to hollow out a depression beforehand, or could the heat from the piece of work burn out a hole? I do have some scavenged railroad clip fasteners that are pretty thick. I could form one of those into a circle without a whole lot of drama. Maybe I could make a "tail" for it to place in my vise to h
  2. I'm hoping someone with more experience can give me some ideas on how to work around my limitation in tooling. I want to create a cup-shaped depression in a 3x3" square of 3/8" flat bar. I have a big piece of steel plate as an anvil, a 4" bench vise, some tongs, a few hammers, and an assortment of punches / drifts. Maybe most useful of all, I have a 1 1/2" diam steel billet, which could be used to hammer down into the sheet to provide exactly the depression I need. But, I don't have any way to support the sheet in a way that I could use the cylinder to force down the sheet into a c
  3. At a flea market this AM I bought a 3/8" coil spring for 50 cents that the seller told me came from a (unknown) snowmobile. Anyone have any idea what steel this might be, or if it would be suitable for making punches?
  4. Someone at a local flea market was telling me about the blacksmithing instruction I could get just an hour or so away from my house. When I made my first "thing", a simple double-ended hook, I fell in love. Not sure why. Maybe it's the feeling of being able to shape and bend hard metal objects, things that I'd always subconsciously thought of as being static and unchanging.
  5. A team of Chinese metalworkers fabricating a large industrial piece. These guys are neither crazy, nor in the street. The teamwork is impressive.
  6. Thanks everyone. My inclination would have been to place it horizontally, so I'm glad I asked. I will round the edges a bit, and design my stand after the one in the "improvised" picture thread. > Laid flat that plate will rig like a gong... It does indeed. If standing it up will quiet it down, my neighbors will appreciate it. It's a pretty sound, but too loud.
  7. I bought a 72 lb piece of steel plate from a scrapyard yesterday. It's about 12 x 10" and roughly an inch and a half thick. The corners are very sharp. It has 3 one inch diameter holes bored into its face, spaced along each of the two long sides. I was hoping to make a makeshift anvil out of this. Should I put it on a post? Stump? Weld a some steel tubes onto it for bending? Just interested in some ideas. My experience is limited.
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