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  1. Yesterday I tried it again, flattened 3 bearing balls, cleaned the surfaces, welded them to a handle with mild steel. First I thought that my fire was too oxidizing so I made sure the whole welding area was well coated with borax. I sprinkled the borax while the steel was still black so not much scale formed. Forge welded them 3 times and I used a piece of wood as an anvil so the heat wouldn't be sucked out of the pieces so fast. But all of them came apart after hammering hard on the sides. Maybe I should have tried to forge weld mild steel to mild steel first. I'm thinking about t
  2. I tried to create a San Mai knife so I prepared the low carbon(scrap pieces) and the high carbon(file steel). Ground them clean, tag welded them together. All simple so far. I'm not sure if that's an issue but I only have simple borax not the anhydrous(I could bake it but I'm just not sure if it would make any difference). Before forge welding I brought it up to red heat, brushed off the scale from the sides and covered it with borax(though it felt like none of the borax could get between the layers). I forge welded it 3 times to make sure it's done(waited until the first sparks
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