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  1. I'm not at the house at the moment but I think they are 2 1/4" down to 1"
  2. I ended up installing a T instead of the reducer and that helped tremendously but I still feel like it could be better. I might try this on the t and see if that helps
  3. Where would you dri air intake holes? On the reducer at the top or the pipe on the side?
  4. Tryed the lathe thing today and it seemed to help but still not working properly. Managed to mess up the threads on the top reducer on one of them so I'm going to try the T burner design mentioned above. But before that I'm going to try a smaller jet on the burner that's still working.
  5. I have access to a lathe so tomorrow I'm going to try and cut down the couplings that hold the orific and widen the reducers (someting I thought about doing when putting them together originally) along with pulling them out further. As far as the chamber goes its dementions are 6"T x 6"W x 17"L on the inside. If that dosent work then I'll revert to frostys T burner plans
  6. both burners as low as I can go both burners as low as I can goone burner as low as I can go and this is with the wind blowing threw the forgeone burner as low as it will go
  7. I'l try to get pics of flames when it gets dark outside (camera won't adjust enough to get a pic). Plans came off YouTube videos (multiple videos of same size and detention burners). Followed them exactly except I used galvanized plug vs brass. They would be considered 1" burners. Tube lingth is 8" plus fittings on each end. Regulator is adjustable from zero to probably 60 (I have a 0 to 30 and this one will flow 2x as much). Orifice size is 1/16"
  8. My burners act like there not getting enough air to run a nice blue flame even when both ends are open (4"×4" and 6"×6" door) only seams to produce a nice flame when the wind (5 to 10 mph) is blowing threw the forge (with only one burner going at a time). What can I do to improve on this and get it to act right? Do i not have it set right? Any help is greatly apprciated.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys this has definitely given me a huge leap in the right direction as far as what materials to use. I will definitely try to keep yall informed on how the build is going as I build it and I'll definitely be doing some more poking around on here.
  10. Thomaspowers wat I was mor or less trying to get at was I'm wanting a forge that can do a little bit of everything not just good a one thing. Sorry for the confusion. My bad. As I'm fairly new to forge building (obviously) what dose rigidized mean? The only thing I can find is the the cheaply built in a back yard for $5 forges on YouTube. Is there a really good video or article that explains in detail how and what all this means.
  11. I'd still have my first jeep but I traded it to a family member for a boat to get my Guide buisness going and I'm fixing to buy it back from him so I'd say it worked out great. Also said hopefully only forge as in one that will do what I'd like it to do without having to have multiple forges for different things
  12. How would yall insulate this forge? 1 or 2 x 3/4" burners? •12"L x 6"W x 6"T inside finished demensions • sliding front door (up and down) fire brick for pass threw on back •covered in 1/8" mild steel with 1/4" wrap around mild steel for sliding work into and out of forge and storage on side • expanded metal shelf underneath • hanging rack on one side for tools This is my first forge and there are so many different ways to insulate it I wanted to know how yall would do it? I' looking to be able to get to forge welding temps for damascus work one day. Also
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