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  1. No need for apologies. I appreciate the genuine concern and help. I haven't seen the new Conan movie, I have a feeling I would be quite disappointed as a fan of the original. I'm definitely working on connecting with nearby groups as much as I can. I am also intending to learn both blacksmithing and casting (of a variety of metals). Bronze and aluminium are my intended starting points, I'm intending to try to build robust things as I go that I can replicate when they fail or need reworking that can handle a variety of tasks. Since we're talking low quantities I feel that electrical is the cleanest and best route, and should be capable of everything I need. Bloomery work is something I'm quite interested in, and does sound very interesting. I only have seen one place that teaches that in Ontario, a blacksmith, and it's unfortunately not a possibility for me at hte moment. The other difficulty is finding an anvil that doesn't break the bank, or even a stand in object like a rail chunk. I've had little success sourcing anything thus far. I haven't either myself, but it doesn't mean it's not possible. I imagine for large quantities it simply isn't practical commercially. Arc furnaces are an interest, but quite dangerous and something I probably will look more into much further down the road. I won't contact them unless I'm sure I can avoid wasting their time, I really appreciate the information.
  2. I'm looking at iron longer term, and intend to work with mainly bronze and copper initially. I am also seeking out some instruction locally, though it isn't easy to find. I have a strong interest in blacksmithing in general, and a strong desire to melt down metals and turn them into things. Be they useful, or just artwork, etc. I'm also an avid LARPer, and we can make use of a plethora of iron items. Yea, I can find 2300-2500 F stuff reasonably easy, which would at least get me as far as the lighter metals. It may be the eventual route I take short term. I am not looking at hardware stores for anything, I've been checking with brick yards and such, unfortunately the more industrial places I have found them have had untenable minimum orders (hundreds or more pieces). High alumina and cordundum-mullite bricks, and a few others fit the needs, it's not a matter of not knowing what I'm looking for so much as sourcing them. For steel it's really more of a question of whether I'm making steel, or just melting and reforming existing steel. Makes a big difference on how consumable my interior will be. If I can do the temperatures needed for iron, I can do steel if it comes up. It is not my focus. Type R or S? I'll look into that, the ones I had seen were Type B, but they were either prohibitively expensive, or simply not accessible (MoQs again). The thermocouple is important for controlling the temperature, and keeping it stable. I obviously don't want to run things too hot and damage the coils or the furnace itself. Maybe I can assuage a bit of your concern with the knowledge that I've spent quite a large number of hours over the past couple of years reading literature on smelting, foundries, forging, and so forth. Also I'm a scientist by trade, safety equipment is the very first consideration in everything.
  3. I'm trying to put together an electric foundry, with the goal of melting hotter temperature materials such as iron, so aiming for about 1600 degrees celsius. My main issue is finding a thermocouple that can handle it. It seems like I need to be looking for a B type thermocouple. I also of course need heating elements, it seems like my only option is Molybdenum disilicate, but I haven't been able to find a source for this. I haven't found a nearby source of bricks, the lower temperature ones are pretty common, but it's not my main concern as they are at least something I can find elsewhere. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. It also occurs to me that a graphite crucible may leach carbon into my metals at those temperatures. Any crucible suggestions to solve that? Thanks!
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