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  1. Well here is what im planning on... xxxxxxxxxxx for the drive wheel Vfd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Commercial links removed, I suggest you read the ToS for IFI and post what you want to say rather than linking to commercial sites to say it for you
  2. Well its been a while i just ordered a 2hp 3ph tefc iron horse motor from automation direct. 3600 rpm. Going to direct drive the drive wheel. Where would i look for a decdnt quality drive wheel
  3. Im thinking that maybe i should gust go with a vfd, 3 phase, direct drive, 1700 rpm motor till i can afford a 3600rpm one with an 8 inch wheel. Ive never been the start out small and continuously upgrade sort of person. Better to just save up and do it right.
  4. So you simply stretched the belt around to change speeds
  5. Would anyone mind sending me a picture of a step pulley setup. I know what they are and I know basically how they work but I'm not entirely sure how you would hook up the tension system thanks
  6. So if i put a 3hp 3400 rpm single phase motor and simply change drive wheel sizes to attain different speeds. It's certainly not as simple as turning down a dial but I would not get The loss of Power from using a rheostat.
  7. Agreed. Thats why i love forums.. good records
  8. Thsts why i left myself room to play with the table. I think i am going to direct drive my 3hp motor behind the grinder. After i build the motor mount i just need to get a vfd. I think this option leaves less links in the chain to break so to speak...
  9. If i direct drive a 1700rpm 6in wheel i dont think ill have a very high fpm. Thats why i geared up the speed Ive noticed they have up to 8 in drive wheels on ebay. Perhapse that on the 1700 rpm motor would work
  10. If i direct drive a 1700rpm 6in wheel i dont think ill have a very high fpm. Thats why i geared up the speed
  11. Luckly that is the chain and sprocket size i have. Was worried it may be too small. The motor is 1700 rpm 3 hp. So hopefully that evens out
  12. If i switch to direct drive with a harbor freight motor it would go up top. Would enclose the motor on top with a filtered enclosure. I suppose it could be vented from the bottom too
  13. The motors i have are fully enclosed. I had not thought about vibration though, much less how fast that chain will be running. Time will tell. I would have preferred direct drive however i would have to buy a new motor. My budget is a bit tight. I liked this idia because i can gear it up or down as i wish. I had thought of getting a harbor freight 3600rpm compressor motor but they arent enclosed. Would just build a filtered vented enclosure for it and get the extra warranty. Lol
  14. Ok so i am posting this for suggestions, a little constructive criticism, and to avoid any costly mistakes. I purchased my grinder from thebeltgrinder. the grinder seemed to be built solid and easily adjustable and modifiable. I have 3 3hp 1700rpm 3 phase 240v motors i got that work was trashing due to a gearbox upgrade. I realize these are not the most idial for this application but they were free. I plan on running a 240 out to my garage. Once that is done i can use a vfd to power the motors. The motor will be mounted on the bottom deck and has a 32 tooth sprocket. The chain will come up through the table around a 15 tooth gear, 5/8 shaft with 2 saddle bearings. This will go to a 4in drive wheel. The saddle bearings will be raised up on blocks to afford the velt drive wheels some room. The gearing should about double the motor speed of 1700rpm to approx 3400rpm. There will also have a sheet of stainless or aluminum for both upper and lower table tops.