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  1. I finally purchased a new copy, at seventy two and change including shipping which is a good price these days and might easily be replicable. (Sorry, seven key and sometimes eight key not working). There is a seller that has these regularly for seventy nine dollars plus $5.20 shipping which is slightly more than the eighty + price on Amazon as shipped. A bit more than I wanted to pay, was hoping to find one auctioned in a regular auction on eBay. As it turns out there was one at the time (last evening) at a bid of $62 with $5 + shipping. Bid now exceeds my total cost before shipping (Now at seventy three fifty plus $5 & change shipping.). The trick. I just happened to get on eBay looking for this book and there was a 15% off on everything sale which knocked $11.35 off the total price. Now I have never seen such a "flash sale" before and I rarely frequent eBay, at least not enough to know if these are regular occurrences a lot, but it might be the cheapest way to purchase Anvils in America these days.
  2. From my posts on Sunday, is my dating of these two anvils correct?
  3. That makes a lot of sense. For me, the 150 to 200 lb range seems "about right".
  4. Wow! Thank you. I might just take you up on that offer.
  5. One more thing... Based on these markings, I think the top anvil dates from eighteen 52 to 90 and the bottom one between eighteen 30 and 52. Correct? (Sorry eight key not working). I need to get a copy of Anvils in America. Anyone know where to find a copy at a decent price? Next, a cone anvil and then I can forge. Actually can forge without the cone anvil but will save my pennies and eventually get one.
  6. I took better images of the markings on these anvils. Not great photographs but better than the other ones.
  7. Yes of course! Both say PETER WRIGHT. The one in the foreground English hundredweight 1 2 19. One in the background 1 1 12. Much better than 24 hours. Forty lots apart, more like half an hour apart. Photographs not the best...
  8. What is the most desirable weight for an anvil? I have generally heard the heavier the better, but a friend of mine who knows just enough about blacksmithing to be dangerous said the smaller ones are more desirable. Having seen a 502 pound anvil bring $3100 today at auction (and drooling the whole time, LOL!), I suspect the heavier the better. Weight was not discussed as to the desirability or a "sweet spot" with regards to weight (not too heavy, not too light, if this even matters) in the beginner's guide to anvils thread in this section of the forum.
  9. Not sure how to do a "like" on this forum, but if I could "like" on this forum I would--three thumbs up! I am very much a beginner but I actually thought some day I might actually make this back and the cost is relatively irrelevant as it might pay itself back over time--as I raised my bid card TWICE and purchased two Peter Wright angels at auction earlier today. One being 152 lbs, the other 13 lbs shy of 200 lbs. At $525 for the first one and $650 for the second one--no buyer's premium or sales tax, they were both around $3.50 a pound. I'll take that--all day long! My thread was actually a devil's advocate sort of post --where are prices today, after having attended a few auctions in or too near New Jersey where the going rate for these pushed or exceeded $6 a pound. Did I need a London pattern anvil? No, of course not. For me, a section of rail would have worked, but it makes me HAPPY and lots of other stuff out there to waste money on without the personal satisfaction. Pleased to have these. I had all but given up.
  10. I will have to be more diligent about this. I start to seriously search for one, as well as other implements, and then I get swamped at work. Retirement has a lot going for it.
  11. Working way too many hours lately. Still haven't bought a decent anvil. Any trends lately? Used to be $2 to $4 a pound for a decent anvil until Forged in Fire drove up prices to insane levels. Any pullback lately?
  12. Yes you are correct. Any of the aforementioned would work for me. I never buy anything new, except for underwear and food, so vintage always work best. Other threads suggest that Peter Wright anvils have virtually unparalleled quality. So, wanting to get the best I can afford suggests but does not imply it must be, a London pattern/Peter Wright anvil. This last paragraph in bold as I did not figure out how to shut off italics and now am writing in bold. Nothing in bold here warrants such.
  13. No, not in a hurry. Generally, with some patience, I can usually desired vintage tool or firearm at reasonably low price...with patience. Stands to reason the same might be true of said London pattern anvil. It was stated that I do not need such an anvil, in another thread, I think. This is correct. But I desire one. Why not do it right, as this will outlast me and is something someone who served in the War of Northern Aggression might once have used. Since it is not a massive capital outlay and I won't need to repeat regularly.....why not do it right?
  14. What does TPAAAT mean? Yes, I can be patient. Since this auction was local and had volume, I was optimistic. When I get said anvil, given I work about 70 hrs a week lately, I might not get around to using it for some time, although actually having it might spur me to action. So waiting weeks or months, or longer--not a problem. I work too much. Case in point, I ended up at work yesterday instead of the auction. But it sounds like I might not have missed much.
  15. I won't deny that I am a novice and perhaps I won't know what is right, and could make an egregious error. The best I can do is learn what to look for, such as a 75% rebound using a ball peen hammer, etc. I have been to many auctions over the years. Attend all of them, or just don't bid. Don't know if there were shill bidders yesterday as I wasn't there. I buy most things vintage, at auctions and such. I am patient and will wait. Was hoping to hear that bargains were to be had yesterday due to the volume of advils being offered. In my experience, usually if one of something is offered, the price can go high, but if many are offered, prices can be lower. Some auctions, bargains abound. Others, no bargains anywhere. Example of "volume" and depressed prices. A local Colt collector, single action army revolvers, died, had over 400 firearms. Family did not elect to sell at auction due to sheer volume potentially leading to depressed prices.
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