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  1. Done According to the can the supply place I got it from it's mostly fireclay and aluminosilicate. It's supposed to form a firm protective layer on the blanket. Good to know. I was confused on that point.
  2. Sorry, I need to clarify. When I say paint bucket I don't mean 1 gallon. I think the bucket I found is close to a 5 gallon bucket size. Thanks for the info so far. I'll keep following and researching.
  3. My son and I are wanting to make a small propane forge (paint bucket sized). Mainly we'll be heat treating steel knives and possibly forging a few odd items. Pattern welding may be fun, but that will come later after some experience and maybe if necessary a bigger forge. I've done all kinds of research, but due to the volume I've got more questions than answers. I have the paint bucket, more ceramic wool than I need, ceramic coating for the wool, a couple IFBs for the bottom. I am wanting to get a regulator and blower and go forced induction as I have heard you have more control and it's more
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