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  1. do you have a more specific name for that app? I have found many different apps on this site.
  2. I was just wondering if there was any experience related suggestions and thoughts that I wouldn't be able to just simply google. Thank you for taking the time to answer a noobie's questions though. I obtained the steel through a machine shop I work at. It was a piece that had been in storage for a while so when I went to clean things out my boss told me I could keep anything that wasn't aluminum, copper, brass, stainless etc. So i figured 'what the hay?" might as well take some free steel. Also do you have a reliable website that has a lot of information about different steel specs? Something easier to read than digging through old forum threads?
  3. Hi all! I have recently been able to obtain some A2 tool steel that I was hoping to forge into a small knife. Has anyone used this steel before? If so what kind of specs does this steel have? HT in Oil? Water? Brine? anything else that would be useful would be much appreciated.
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