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  1. might just get a bag of lumpwood charcoal to play with, never used it but from what i have seen on youtube (i'm an expert now) it looks like it will be fine for a hanging basket bracket for the wife. lol
  2. i know one time we were using that PET coke nuggets ,(i can get that) bloody horrible stuff, kept turning to glass and turned to one big lump, exploded on me too and stuck to my head, had a nice burn for a while, i wear a cap now. lol
  3. Hi all I'm new to the forum and very new to smithing, my first forge is coming this week courtsey of the Iron Dwarf, and i was hoping to give it a go this weekend, but im having a nightmare trying to source some forge breeze up in the north east. I really want to use use coke, as that is what i have had some lessons using, im in Teesside and i would really like some help / advice in where to find some of this elusive stuff. I could get it online, but i dont think the wife would put up with half a ton round the back, and my youngest would never be out of the stuff (cant keep him clean now) I only wanted to buy 3-4 bags to get me going, ive got a big barrel that will hold that much but no more. Thanks very much in advance