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  1. ive looked at many options for different forges and it kinds depends on how accessible fuel is in whatever area i move into. Im liking gas forges especially since they're so clean, one less thing to do, but im not really sure yet it seems very simple to make a coal forge so if i can find a source i may just build one to test it out.
  2. Thanks for all the help and knowledge guys, I cant wait to get started.
  3. i realized that a few mins ago lol, just updated everything so i have my location. As i'm waiting to move up to michigan to actually get started i'm more focusing on accumulating knowledge at the moment. i'll work on finding the materials once i settle in and can find a reliable source for metal and fuels
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and am trying to get into blacksmithing. I have a history with metalworking and have always loved working with metal (besides for when a shaving gets lodged under the skin) So here's one of my questions, How can i get all the tools i need for as little money as possible? If possible i'd like to make as many of the tools as i can myself to help save on cost, also because it'd just be cool to have a bunch of tools i made myself. I already have ideas on the forge and i'm looking for something i can use as an improvised anvil until i can find and afford something q
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