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  1. yeah. its not the tool that makes the blade but wielder of the hammer. even in a pinch the concrete pillar i made to stand the anvil on is solid and steady. evrethings on the back burner again anyway as i have added more to my workload lol
  2. lol tried everything to get it from him. he got it for nothin in a house clearance but hes still not willing to give it up. theres also a full length or railway track about 5 minutes walk from me between the fence for the railway and the fence for the park. its length they took off and replaced and just left layin there. tried talkin my buddy into beingin his mobile crane from london and helpin me get it lol
  3. welp im screwed either way then lol. bought it way back when i started gettin stuff together to set up. so we're talkin maybe as far back as november last year. its a pain in the ass and just need to be chalked up to experience. also kills me that my neighbour 2 doors down has a great big bugger just sitting in his garden as an ornament lol.
  4. does it matter how long ago it was purchased? and how would you go about proving it isnt steel. most descriptions i can find for these do state steel or cast steel. also when hammering on it i havent had any issues with it. no denting or anything. so whats wrong with it?
  5. I believe it is the Nielsen one, I bought it under the recommendation of Paul MacDonald of the Macdonald Armouries in Edinburgh been a busy week so haven't been on the computer much (or home for that matter) been lookin for a good sized ball bearing for a while to make a large monkey knuckle. biggest I have laying around are 20mm
  6. lol yeah didnt think of that. need to check first. lol anyways signing off for now need to sleep for work
  7. Okay kool will test this once i find a ball bearing. I think my son may still have some laying around his room somewhere from his old Magtastix sets . (the magnetic stick and ball building set things, i think thats what it was called) And i believe the stamp on it says Stilsen? can be certain at the moment as its locked in the shed
  8. ahh okay. so i need a ball bearing. does the size of the bearing have any effect on the result? and 65% original drop height?
  9. I had concidered the possibility of it burning out but ive got a few laying around so wasent too worried but i will check that out. no i dont require the full barrel as fire. when its completed from top down itll look something like this. ============================== RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ============================== where B equals Bar, R equals Firebricks , and = is the barrel edge, the firebricks will be stacked just short of level with the top rim, so in this Gulley there will be seporations almost like its broken into sections lengthways. so that the fire (and air) can be contained to whatever size is required.
  10. yeah it has been modified since that photo, since then has a shutter system to block them off when not in use and the blower is a vacuum cleaner motor that i fabricated a casing for so it sucks in the same end it always has but all the air is directed into a hose attached to the spray bar now. the air flow can then bee reduced by covering the intake to diffrent degrees if required when striking it directly it has enough to make adjustments to my grip comfortably. not done alot of forging on it as stated but it should be good. lol yeah i guess you could say they were disposable then, but it is mainly how when i was younger you had alot more electronic repair stores now if something breaks very few people concider how it can be fixed they just dispose and purchase. like TV's where only a few capacitors were blown and literally the parts cost £3 quid at most but people would rather dump stuff and spend £300 I concidered fitting in some disks on steel rods that could be turned in the pipe as the points between the holes so you could block off the air getting to them from middle out but decided i wanted to be able to use the ends if i wasent using it all rather tha
  11. thanks for the welcome Daswulf, no the fuel Is a smokeless coal. i.e anthracitic coal with less than 2% sulphur content.
  12. yeah i seen those builds previously. but as i said its quite versatile and I don't need to use the whole length all the time. but if needed i do have the space to expand the fire. say for a long blade needing hardened.
  13. If i run into anymore problems once I've got my Refractory into it you'll be first point of call then. I'm in Coatbridge BTW where are you?
  14. nothing.... yet but it's there if the need arises. I've kept all the fire to one end and above only the single vent so far. excellent, depending on how far between Glasgow and Edinburgh he is, we may well be practically neighbours.
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