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  1. Scrambler82 I'm originally from Newcastle UK, you could say coal and steel is in my blood as a lot of my ancestors worked in the mines or heavy industry. I moved to Medford Ma 30 years ago. I actually owned a house for 8 years, 4 back from the public lot at Wingearsheek beach (best beach in the world), and love Gloucester. My kids pretty much grew up on that beach. I'm not yet retired but split my time 6mths Medford and 6 in Sarasota FL where I have a large workshop in a bronze foundry. Living The Dream !
  2. Please see the updated version here with Scrambler82's comments included. Please use this version: Building a Portable Coal Forge from a BBQ v2 - Tony Fenn.pdf
  3. Hi Scrambler82 First to hopefully put the wiring to bed I have corrected the wiring as you pointed out and then attached two images here, one being what comes with the speed controller. I mounted the fan on top so I can see if it is running. It is very quiet, especially at low speeds, so I think it is better to see it moving. But thats the only reason. I'm sure others will modify as they need. Another question from someone was about using a manual blower, and of course one could be substituted. I found it hard to locate a manual blower. I bought the electric blower on advise from my teacher and mentor Trez Cole (Nokomis forge) who has used the same. I must admit I think its really good. I have actually being using anthracite coal and love that the blower at low speed keeps the coal at a nice steady burn. Cheers - Tony
  4. Got it ! Thanks - I've adjusted the document and requested the forum moderator re-posts a version 2. Your explanation will also help any readers/builders. Cheers and thanks for your great feedback.
  5. Absolutely - safety first. I would not want to cause any issue for anyone and will change the wiring diagram as you suggested and repost the document with edits. I'll also add the addition of a screen to the blower. THANK YOU GUYS. I have made edits and re-posted HERE. (I cant see how to change the original post). Please use this version ! Scrambler82 -- I'm not an electrician and would appreciate you checking this wiring diagram. Building a Portable Coal Forge from a BBQ - Tony Fenn.pdf
  6. I'm a member of FABA and student of Trez Cole (Nokomis Forge). I'm also an artist and make metal sea creatures. I needed to build a coal forge, so with some help from Trez I have built coal forge from a BBQ/Smoker grill. I thought I would document the build so that other new blacksmiths could get some use out of it. So please see the attached pdf. Building a Portable Coal Forge from a BBQ - Tony Fenn.pdf Thanks - Tony
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