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  1. Yep! I have insulation for the kast-o-lite floor, as well as for a rear door (which i have not started making yet).
  2. I've built a small forge 2 years ago that I've been using that was about the size of mailbox. It's been limiting me though on what i can work on as it was only 2.5" x 2.5" x 7". I wanted something a little bigger and wanted to try the NARB burner. I already have a NARB built, but i failed to take photos of building it. While building the forge though i got some photos, and though id share! Id welcome any suggestions, criticisms, or concerns! The final inner forge dimensions will be 11"deep x 7" wide x 3.25" high, which comes out to 250 ci. This dose not count for the slight curve in the corners, so it's actually a little less than that. I didn't get a before photo, but this is part of a industrial in-duct blower fan that I've cut up and re-welded together. the 55gal drum lid will be the base/floor of the forge. I plan to either use soft firebrick or a cast able for the floor (I have a huge bag of kast-o-lite 30, so i'll probably just use that). This is after cleaning/sanding and painting with high temp paint. (white wouldn't be my first choice, but i got a case of this paint for free) Two 1" layers installed, and have been/will be ridgidized before casting the outer layer. I have some mounting hardware attached to hold the burner in place as well, but i don't have any photos showing it. Forms built and clamped onto the body of the forge. the front and back is about 3/4" thick, the sides and ceiling are about 5/8" thick. The front/back extends down only far enough to cover the insulation, it doesn't cover the whole front of the forge. And I found painters tape works pretty well for forms. if the tape doesn't pull away form the cast able, it pulls free of the form easily enough. Photo with cast able in place. This is as far as i got last night, but will post more pictures up once i get more done!
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