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  1. Thanks for the welcome littleblacksmith, Bladesmithing will definitely be a hobby as i have a full time field service job. I think the 120 sq ft will be plenty of space and as i told frosty im just happy i will finally have a roof over my head and out of the elements so as not to have to be a good weather smith and my equipment will stay dry and in one place (anything beats dragging all my tools in and out of my shed every time i want to forge. I was more disappointed that local regulations have limited my size and design without permits than anything. I dont plan on going any bigger than blades that can legally be carried on your person in California for the most part, But the goal i have set for myself (when i have the skills) is to be able to create Mat Cauthons ashandarei from the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan. Its very similar to a naginata and if my memory is correct its a 1 foot blade on the ashandarei. It will be some time before im ready to attack this job as i still have multiple skills to learn/perfect before i make this weapon Thanks again for the welcome and words of encouragement! -Kelly
  2. haha your telling me... and yea i cant get away with much.. but as long as i can get the sun off my head and stop the wind ill be happy. And i dont blame you i would still be in AK myself if i had a say in the matter
  3. Fair enough Thomas. Frosty, I got out of the army in 08 so its been a few years now. And local laws say i can put a structure in my backyard up to 120 sq ft without a permit so thats what im allowed and the girlfriend says i cant use the whole yard too haha so along the back fence its gotta be 8' x 15' or 10' x 12' I moved north out of the citys haha but work kept me in driving distance.
  4. Very true Thomas, but i cant afford workers or power tools at this point, maybe a 2x72 grinder someday but other than that im a one man/hand tool operation. Not to mention at 31 i just spent about every dollar i make for the next 30 years on my new/first house. So building the smithy will be a scroung and salvage operation in it self, but thats half the fun right!
  5. Thanks for the welcome Frosty! Im jealous of Ur location in AK, I was stationed at Ft Richardson in Anchorage for three years before i moved back to Cali to take care of my father. ( wish i was still there to this day... but family has to come first) and yes i know PICS are a good thing around here... still sad about all the missing pics from the old days. but right now all i got is an empty back yard with a section marked out with stakes and cardboard ( to kill the grass) but as i get my new shop started (still working on designs for my new lil 8 x 15 shop, it will be nice to not be a good weather smith) and the anvil, tools and everything else brought up from the city i will post some pics of my progress. "Rotten Mango Bango Blacksmiting" is an interesting name haha, though from the other threads iv read on IFI i dont know if i want the word rotten in my smithy name, but either way im still a ways away from needing a name at this time. Thanks Lou, Handles used to be sooo important lol... and i am already enjoying designing the shop! though i dont know how much more outfitting i will be doing, i already have three anvils and most the tools i need, The exciting part now is having my own home so i can build what i want! So its time for the box bellows and "Japanese style charcoal sword forge i will be building. Iv always been into the "Older methods" (no power) for my smithing, woodworking, stone carving endeavors. It might have something to do with my day job being in electrical controls and automation I was hoping there were some other local smiths but over my months of lurking i havent seen much around my parts... though i will keep my eyes peeled!
  6. Hello everyone, i have been lurking around and reading the forums for a while now. Though it was time to say hello. I have a break drum forge i build for myself in college that i have set up in my dads backyard, it was mostly used for blacksmithing and general knife shaping (in mild steel) exercises. but i finally just moved from the city to my new house in willows Ca! And will be building a small shop and a better knife making forge in the backyard so here I am. I will probably put something in the shop building threads as i start building my shop and have all my tools and supplies moved up north to me. For now I thought i would start on here and see if there are any bladesmiths near my location. so hello again and thanks for all the wisdom you guys have spread throughout this site for us beginners to use PS: Names Kelly, RottenMango is my handle on most my internet stuff, came from my days of computer gaming and i just stuck with it. Someday i will change it to a smithy name when i come up with a good one (and the shop is built and being used haha)
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