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  1. First pair of spurs

    Ya if i have visuals i can typically figure it out so ill have to look up that dvd for sure and its no big deal about the pictures i understand having a full plate im in the same boat. But ill see if i can find that dvd
  2. First pair of spurs

    Those pictures of the hangers would be great and im gung ho on making them but it probably wont be till next week at the earliest. Ya i think rasp spurs are pretty cool so i figured why not and plan on putting some silver on there. I got a couple friends that are asking me to make them some pairs already. And thats a good idea about that angle iron im guessing its just a high carbon steel? And id really like to see the pictures of those spurs when you get done with them
  3. First pair of spurs

    Do you have any tips on bending the hanger? Also for the nickel silver should i use a hard or easy solder? Some videos ive seen were using a 45% hard silver solder. Ill be brazing them if that makes any difference. And thank you for all the help ive also been playing with the idea of doing a rasp band and just a regular steel shank. I have a few rasps that i have used to make knives out of so i figured id put them to use since i have them already
  4. First pair of spurs

    Oh ok ya that makes sense. And what do you mean about the hangers? And thank you have you made any rasp spurs? I have seen some people say about cutting the rasp in half and using one half for the heel band and then folding the other half and using that for the shank.
  5. First pair of spurs

    Wow those look great! Is there any reason to go with the heavier gauge? I was thinking about going with a 20 gauge nickle silver?
  6. First pair of spurs

    Thank you Frank ill be sure to check them out! Ive seen some things on here where people made rasp spurs where they cut the rasp in half. Where one half is for the heel band and the other side is for the shank. Could you discribe to me how to make the shank out of that other side? Ive herd they fold it im guessing to make it thicker?
  7. First pair of spurs

    Well im a newbie when it comes to blacksmithing (made a couple of knives but nothing fancy) but want to progress and move forward. So im wanting to take my frist step and make my first set of spurs. It doesnt seem to terribly difficult to do. Gonna weld my shank on and make my own rowls. I am wanting to put some silver on them (which also doesnt look to difficult either) but i dont know what gauge to use or if i should use sterling silver or nickel silver. If any one has any experience with this or has some tips on making spurs anything helps. Thank you!