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  1. 100_2761.JPG

    Rose made from copper roof flashing and electric ground wire for stem
  2. 100_2725.JPG

    Barn door handles from twisted angle iron
  3. Steel rose

    Here is a piece I made from horse shoes. Very popular with horse people.
  4. Steel rose

    Thanks for the comments. The color is done with a pencil flame propane torch. You just touch the edge with the flame and back off when you see the blue develop. It will creep into the center and turn that straw color. The clear coat is an automotive coating. The product is called KBS clear Diamond Finish. It is pricey ($17.75) per raddle can, but worth it. You can do a lot of projects with one can. This finish likes humidity and about 70 degrees. The humidity make it cure. If you do it in a dry environment it will take forever to dry and cure. I use two coats. When cured it is hard as a rock and is hard to scratch. AND, it is a direct to metal product. I love this stuff. It takes around 5 +/- hours to make one of these roses when you start with a 55 gallon drum. The question was asked if I make other things. Yes I do and will post them soon.
  5. Steel rose

    Great effect you have on the rose. I make mine out of 55gal thinner drums all dried out for a month or two. I also use 3 and 4 inch circles. Leafs are drum material too. I hand cut all my stuff to save torch gas. Then I hammer in texture on the leafs and peddles. I mig all parts together, then bend into shape. When I have everything together I torch in color on edge of leafs and rose. When cool, I clear coat the whole thing with 3 coats. When it is dry it looks as it was dipped.