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  1. Slowly but surely, I am making progress. Made a bit of a valve control with PVC, still too much air but it was better than before. Unfortunately couldn't find anything like what Jasent had. Any recommendations for lubricating the PVC Valve? I was told to not use oils such as WD-40. Still need to add clay to the fire bowl to make it more rigid. Also need to make a bit more of a cut in the body to get the tuyere deeper. Overall I feel like I am making progress. Thanks for all of your help everyone!
  2. Hey everyone, Thanks for all of the suggestions! Looks like I got a lot of things to try out! I really like @Jasent's air gate so I think I will try to do something similar. I'll also look into getting some clay to use for the bowl and get the shape right. I'll post some more pictures as I get everything together!
  3. Hi all, This is my first attempt at a charcoal forge and regardless of how much I have read on various website, I still feel completely clueless as to whether I am doing things right. I am living in Milwaukee for the summer so I wanted something relatively small so I could keep it on my porch. My solution is a grill that I cut a hole into and used a 1" black iron pipe as the tuyere. The grill is filled with sand and the fire pot is carved in that. I put some refractory cement on the bottom of the grill to try and protect it a bit. I think the fire pot may need to be made a bit wider? The air is supplied by a shop vac which is too much at full blast so I still need to make a way to control the air flow. Probably just a valve for now but I might open it up and try to make it adjustable on the electronics. Let me know what you guys think!
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