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  1. Hey yes the soderfors was on kijiji but it is sold, Mod edit: kijiji sales removed.
  2. Hey guys I have a couple questions for the pros on here. First I recently found a 125 pound anvil in an old barn, I took it home and did some cleaning on it and it revealed that it is a buckworth. I've tried doing some research on it and I haven't found hardly any information so hopefully someone on here has some knowledge of it. Second question is I found a small anvil type thing with bolt holes near the feet. I can't find any marking on it at all but hopefully one of you know what it was used for, and where.
  3. Haha yes he just gave it to me! I've been wanting it for a long time and I finally asked him what he was gonna do with it and he said I could just have it!
  4. Hey guys today a farmer down the road from me gave me this Anvil. It's the biggest Anvil I've ever seen! The anvil sitting on top of it in the picture is 150 pounds this one I'm thinking is 400+ pounds. I can't figure out what the make of it is, I'm hoping someone on here can translate this writing on it for me. I've tried to look it up but haven't found anything. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Yea you should! theres lots here to buy! What brings you up to Saskatchewan?
  6. Thanks for the input guys I'm actually from Saskatchewan Canada so I'm not sure how many people on here would be near me. There are a lot of anvils out here though if any of you want to make the trip!
  7. I recently acquired a 1928 soderfors Anvil with the stand, it's 89lbs and I'm hoping someone on here could tell me what it's worth?? There is one spot on the face near the edge someone must of hit it with a cutting torch.
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