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  1. Thanks Frosty. Good info. This may have been mentioned elsewhere before but I haven't run across it yet. At least not that I can remember.
  2. Frosty, Cast-o-lite 30 with plistix top coat.
  3. #20 propane bottle split Wayne Coe style with two 3/4" Frosty T burners. Seems to do pretty well but still need to cut the mig tips back some more I think, gonna need a stock rest and need to weld on fire brick shelves to close up the openings a bit. Any other suggestions or criticisms welcome.
  4. The conduit couplings were indeed galvanized, but spending the night in a jar of plain old vinegar took care of the zinc. I just about have the forge ready for a trial run if I can catch a break in the weather. I'm outdoors for the time being and it's been pretty breezy the past few days.
  5. Thanks Frosty, I like the idea of a sacrificial end. Although, to be honest, I couldn't find anything but the plastic thread protectors so ended up with threaded conduit couplings. Not free, but cheaper than pipe nipples. Wayne, thoroughly enjoyed my visit at your forge. I hope to be able to come back and spend some more time soon. My wife loved the leaf you made by the way. For those that don't already know, when Wayne says "let me know how I can help" he means it.
  6. Building a new forge from a #20 propane tank. Wayne Coe style. I will be running two 3/4" Frosty T burners. The burner holders are mounted tangent to the curve of the tank. I have the steel thread protectors on the burner tubes. I'm getting ready to form the cast-o-lite inside the upper section around the burners. The question is, should I leave the protectors off and form the cast-o-lite into a 12:1 and not use the protectors, or leave the protectors on, and form to them? Does it even matter at that point? Any input is appreciated. Keith
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