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  1. Oh sheesh....you might be my new favorite person! I had thought of turning it on it's side like you suggested, but didn't know if that would change the behavior of the forge? As I'm using it now, I can position the piece directly under the flame, with it on its side, would I lose efficiency to the point I needed to even worry about it? You say 3/8 ftp, when I'm searching, I just keep coming across instructions for things like rvs, and water heaters with them just swapping out pre-built hoses. I may be using the wrong terminology. Sorry for what's probably and absurdly fundamental question, but what would I look for to find the pieces or instructions im needing. Now onto the insulation. I'm thinking I should have done some more learning before starting. I confirmed with the company that the blanket on the forge WAS rigidized by them in house. Once I got it, I applied Satanite from a third party. Is that what you mean by refractory mortar? I removed the brick and coated all sides, let it dry for a handfull of days, then fired it briefly in cycles and then applied another coat. I did poke a small hole in the coat, the last time I used it. I had planned on getting more before firing it again, but I think I need to spend some time reading before I commit to that now. Will be removing the brick, and getting a kiln shelf as well as the kiln wash you suggested. That being said, would I be able to put the kiln was OVER the satanite I currently have? Thank you all so much!
  2. Mine isn't tippy at all, I used a taller propane tank with the top cut off, prefilled the bottom with damp sand and packed it well as I could. Then just set in in there and packed it around as much as possible. I did cut off the pieces that stick off the side, so it's smooth-ish all the way down into the sand. Like you said, it's quieter than I expected, and the sand holds it tight enough that I just pick it up by the exposed piece and move it around. I planned to cut it with more of a "horn" so that I could shape with a round piece as well, but my oxygen regulator on the torch decided to give up the ghost haha Not the best pictures. I figured I would beat on this one until I knew a little more what I was doing, and I get that regulator rebuilt and cut the other one I have to a more specific shape. Ahh talking about this makes me wish I wasn't at work!
  3. I just signed up and am trying to figure out the membership there, thank you sir!
  4. Irondragon- now those are some simple, easy to follow instructions! Thank you! Thats what I'm going to do. Kexel- ah gotcha. It was on xxxxxx for $25 with a regulator and pressure gauge. Any thoughts on reattached the braided line afterwards? I'm assuming that's crimped on there somehow? I haven't taken anything apart further to look at it.
  5. It does help! I'm VERY green to all of this, so I'm happy to look at what works for you. Commercial link removed per TOS. Thats the line I bought, they have a few different links.
  6. This was along the lines of what I was thinking as well. If I move the line away from the heat source, and don't have quite as much pressure on it, won't be a problem. That being said, I dont have a clue what I would even look for. What type of elbow? Does it just have to be propane rated, or is that even a concern Would brass be the best bet? Feel free to pretend I'm completely ignorant lol I've done some digging but I'm either using wrong terminology, or missing it. Thanks for the quick reaponse! Kexel, what type of line do you have gojng to the burner?
  7. Hello all, just starting out and don't hardly know a think. In the capitol area of Washington state. So far, I have a forklift tine for an anvil. I cut the tapered portion off and have the nontapered portion buried in a taller propane canister that I filled with sand. Works decently so far! That and a Laredo forge from Ebay have me going. Looking to dip my fingers in some bladesmithing, but I like the architectural and artistic side a whole lot. I'm blown away by the things some of you can create. Looking forward to learning a lot, and wouldn't mind meeting some people that can help me on the way!
  8. Hello all. Brand new to the hobby and have been having some issues with my forge. I have a top mount burner and due to this I keep developing leaks. I'm hoping you all can help me find a solution. I'm assuming I'm having problems because the weight of the line and gravity are playing havoc, I was thinking maybe I can just have it come 90 degrees off to the side, that way the hose doesn't have to come up and then go off to the side to go back down to fuel source, but im open to any suggestions you more experienced folk have. You can see where the o ring separated here, but I had the same problem with a different fuel line as well. Sorry if this is super simple and just not getting it!
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