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  1. I might in the future i know about michael budd his daughter is a friend of of a friend thats how i found out about him he is meant to be very good
  2. As previously stated i will not be modifying this anvil
  3. can't make out the name too rusted but it cane out better on camera than what I could see the chalk is where I can see some letters it's too far gone to see what make it is definitively ely
  4. Thanks for all the information lads I'll leave it as it is and start using it as soon as I get my new forge finished Thanks for all the advice
  5. he is welding up the damaged parts of the thread and re filing it to to the right thread
  6. im due to pick up a blacksmiths vice from the same person that sold me the anvil next week he is re threading it so ill just put hardys in that thanks ill leave the anvil as is
  7. That would make alot of sense as most anvils in Ireland were imported from England or Germany ill update on it tomorrow and give it a test run. Had another look it does look like it says forge there is writing below it which i can make out and some above it which is almost completely gone
  8. Ill clean up the side of it tomorrow there appears to be a name its only 4 letters i can make out what i think is a f at the beginning i will take some better photos too in the daylight since its welded could i still drill a hardy hole and a pritchel would it not just break off (that weld has been there for 30 years its been like that since the previous owner bought it) should i clean it or just leave it as is?surely with a repair like that its not a collectors piece
  9. its welded its only visible at the bottom of the block just checked it is hardened steel though
  10. I bought this anvil today just getting into blacksmithing paid 140 euro for it, it weighs 141 pounds it was an older gentleman I bought it off he owned it for 30 years it came out of Dublin airport here in Ireland apparently it was owned by Aer Lingus (Irelands national airline) came out of one of their repair hangers in the airport it was modified by them(possibly even commissioned) I would just like to know why it's shaped like this