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  1. treadle hammer

    Can you find or send links showing examples of the dies for integral bolster?
  2. treadle hammer

    On the fuller sets for finger grooves would you do like a spring fuller design or what some also call finger style Fuller?
  3. treadle hammer

    recently acquired treadle hammer (which i am loving) that came with flattening dies and the ability to change them. so my question is what would be some good die sets or tools to make to use with the treadle? not only for knife and bladesmithing but also when i venture into blacksmithing?
  4. Freezing Propane Tanks. A Different Solution

    Since the temperature is dropping I am finding it harder and harder to keep my propane tank from freezing, does anyone have any suggestions that won't blow me up. Have trip putting lamps on the tank but when it's below 20 doesn't help for long
  5. Tongs

    Xxxx xxxx this is it thanks man.
  6. Tongs

    Can you get me a link? I tried googling it and it just takes me to there webpage to join and see past albums of conventions and stuff like that.
  7. Tongs

    Buzzkill these were not what I was looking for but now that I see them I will definitely have to look more into them thank you. Here is a picture from one of Alec Steele's episodes. These are the things but have no name or idea of best way to make them
  8. Tongs

    I have watched a lot of Alex Steele videos and have noticed that he uses a pair of tongs at the head of them is diamond or triangular-shaped when making large tools such as Hammers and axes my question is does anyone know what these particular tongs are called or where you can find plans to make your own or buy