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  1. Question about forge I just aquired

    So I take it the windscreen isn't really important? I'd like to put one on it, if nothing else but for originality's sake.
  2. Question about forge I just aquired

    Dave, I'm guessing there may be some overlap in our interests. I don't own any John Deere's, unless you count lawnmowers. Dad's got a pretty nice older restoration '35 B, among others he's accumulated. Most of our collection is Case, which explains my screen name. I figured it was a heat shield because it was near the handle, and being made of wood it would be a good idea to have a shield of some type between the wooden pump handle and the fire. but I suppose wind break is just as likely, and probably a more accurate description of what it does most of the time. Are there any real guidelines on how to figure what size you should make your heat shield/wind break? I'm pretty sure I'm going to run the forge outside most of the time, so it might be a handy addition.
  3. Question about forge I just aquired

    Hello everyone. New member here, still haven't learned my way around the place. Please forgive me if I'm asking a dumb question or twelve. I own a forge that is very similar, if not the exact same model, as the one originally posted by Knucklebuster. I've seen several of these forges, or forges very similar, and they are all missing the heat shield as pictured in the ad posted by Brndngddy. Does anybody know what these heat shields are made of? I would assume it's a thin gauge of sheet metal, as none of them seem to have survived. Are they really necessary for the proper operation of the forge? I'm guessing the designers knew what they were doing when they put them on there, but I see a lot of people not using them and I was wondering if it's even worth trying to fabricate one. Thank you for all your help, everyone!