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  1. St.johns since 2007 my friend and really ? thats great , i have much pride in this is my home land. Thank you guys for everything i am overwhelmed with the support i wish to contribute
  2. Thanks everyone for your help , i think i have summed down what im gonna do , just got out of the forge made my first hold down tool for the pritchel hole! , have a great night everyone and thank you !
  3. Thank you all for the replys and help i really appreciate it , im using a handcrank blower as well for my forge , I live in Newfoundland in Canada and houses where i'm from are right next to each other , i think im gonna try a bag of coke and see how well that goes. After i gets my small shed built and everything installed inside i'll give coal a whirl after research on coal management and how to keep a steady fire , my charcoal forge isn't really deep at all should it be deep ? because i find with thicker metal its impossible to heat up , thank you everyone !
  4. Hey everyone i am new to this website and blacksmithing in general . I have been using charcoal for about a month now and i find its pretty darn expensive and i was wondering how much smoke/smell does coal give off ? I live in a normal neighborhood with houses around me with an open forge that i can use charcoal / coal in and i was wondering if i started using coal will it give off a lot of smoke and stink out my household and my neighbors ? (i work in the backyard) , im also working on a small shed to do my work in soon . thank you!
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