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  1. Thanks everybody! I ordered the decorative works Cosira book to start. I do better with step by step instructions so I hope that will help. Oh man Frosty, I just got that....duh...good one!
  2. Awesome you guys! ThomasPowers, I will get those files for sure. I guess I should look more into the European blacksmithing history more, since there's more history there. But I know that there must be others in the states that like to do reproductive works. And yes, thank you Irondragon, I will update my profile. I'm such a noob, lol.
  3. A very basic gate since my skill is very limited/new. I'd like to have stems for the vertical rail and daisy for the flower. Something like this gate.
  4. Hello all, newbie here, Could someone suggest where to look or a book to use in making a small garden gate/fence. Basically, I'd like to learn how they where done before welders where around. I can't figure out how the vertical rails where fastened to the horizontal ones. Trying to learn how things where done old school. Mike