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  1. Thanks guys. That's good enough for me. I'll save all of these blades and do some experimenting. They are just normal razor blades. I hate throwing used blades into the garbage bags (I'm paranoid), so I put them back in the carrier and forget to toss the carriers. I probably have about 200 blades in my mess. A canister weld is on my want-to-try list, so that sounds fun. I'm shooting to have a shop built and start playing early this fall. I will post all of the pics of failed razor blade welds.
  2. alright, here we go. Another dumb question from a new guy. I've searched as best I could for the answer, but the results are saturated with Tig welding razor blades or Damascus straight razors. Is it worth a try to forge weld all of these used utility knife blades to make a billet? Soak them in acetone, tie them with wire, heat them up and beat them till stuck. I don't really want to buy known steel. I like making things out of trash. Are the blades too thin? Are they even carbon steel? Any opinions?
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