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  1. Esone, I've seen few folks who can weld that pretty. Nice job. Frosty, I don't want to hijack this thread, but you said earlier that a 3/4 burner should be able to handle about 350 inches. I am contemplating re-purposing a worn out compressor tank. The tank itself is heavy, in good condition, and didn't cost me anything to haul it off. However, the cylinder portion is 12 x 20 not counting the domed ends. I anticipated needing 2, 3/4" burners for the whole thing with the thought I might be able to just use one for smaller things. However, if I pack the ends and use 2" around the inside of the cylinder, I still have about 1000 in3 not including fire brick for the floor. This brings me to my primary question: do multiple burners require additional insulation/refractory? And secondly, should I just add additional insulation/refractory inside to lesson the volume to about 350 in3 per burner?
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