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  1. Wooow....that was really helpful. I've never thought of that way. Amount of money have on my mind is ~500$. I would say my upper limit ~1000$ But for that price it has to be really special.
  2. Oh my gosh.....Almost when I thought I had to get some uranium now you've given me some idea. Colored titanium.... sounds quite special. Above, I put it in the wrong way about iron + gold. My initial question supposed to be: Can you put gold into stainless steel to make it (I don't know) let's say special?
  3. So many good advice... enriched uranium, radium, potassium etc.... just way too many choises. I'm really drawn to polonium....me and my special guitar. I can imagen. Whoever plays on it his finger will be falling off soon after that. .... But unfortunately it seems I will have to stick to the more traditional ways. It worth to come in. Thank you guys I had a good day. All answer is really appreciated. If you still have some advice...just carry on.
  4. I didn't mean iron and gold together = stainless steel. But what if you put some gold in stainless steel? Why I can't upload any photo. I wanna show you what fret size is. Here is a link http://mobile.etronic-parts.com/product_info.php/info/p695_fret-wire-6100-6110-6130.html
  5. Whoever were playing on my guitar his face would turn to be sooo radiant like a torch. That would be awesome. That's what I'm talking about when I say SPECIAL
  6. It's an electric semi-hollow guitar. But you are right. The more I think the more I convinced that it's too big bite for me. To find the right material and shape it. I've never worked with metals only wood. Maybe I can ask someone to do it for me. But still. Too much hassle The traditional frets as you said nickel silver. But nowadays stainless steel is getting more popular. And I have a question. This is only a question. Is it possible to mix gold with iron and make it stainless steal. I don't know the ingredients of stainless steal. If i knw well you need copper as well
  7. Hmmm....uranium sounds special. Where can it be found?
  8. Hi there, First of all....I have no any experience in forging or in blacksmithing at all. I'm about to make a guitar and gonna need some help. I want it to be special so I would like to use special materials. Especially, for the frets. The frets are that metal parts on the guitar neck that looks like lines. 22 or 24 of them placed in specified distance to each other. I hope you know what I mean. Anyway... I'm looking for some material which hard and durable and special. I was thinking maybe white gold or platinum but I have no any clue about them. Can they take lots of abu
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