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  1. Ok I cleaned up the foot and found the number, 118522.
  2. Thank you all you have been very helpful. I will just clean it up and use it as is. I will also keep an eye out for a whole anvil but this one will be a good start.
  3. Ok thanks, I will clean up the front foot tomorrow when I get off work. As for welding I guess I will ask a local welder.
  4. OK I picked this anvil up at the scrap yard for $10. The horn is broke off but I do have it. The markings on the side say HAY-BADDEN MANUFACTURING BROOKLYN.NY, of course much of it is faded away but I punched in what I could read and came up with the rest online. Now is has what looks like the letter I 0 8 stamped below the rest the "I" looks like a roman numeral. Its dimensions are 23 1/4 long 9 7/8 tall 3 1/2 wide. Ok here are my questions; What is the weight? Can I weld the horn back on? And any information will help. Thanks; Robin
  5. Have always been interested in blacksmithing but haven't really taken a serious look at until recently. I have a forge( brake drum forge), working on a grill forge. Don't have coal but have wood and access to charcoal. Have an anvil with the horn broke off, would like to know how to put it back together. have a railroad track about 12 inches long and a heavy chunk of steel and some steel plates. Joined this site for some advice Oh yeah my name is Robin, father of 4 sons, married to my lovely wife for over 28yrs. currently 47yrs old work for a local garbage company and live in Gaston, NC. I am an artist and a woodworker just like to try things that interest me.
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