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  1. Not far from me is a steel foundry. I called a few days back to ask if they had ever cast anvil. The person I talked to in sales said they had not to her knowledge, but would be interested. The questions as asked, Would it need to below carbon, or high carbon? What steel composition was I considering? What volume of steel would it require? (This question regarded to price quotes) So, if you could have a custom cast anvil, what would you choose? What features would you have and why?
  2. Jpfabricator's intro

    It would make a great T-shirt!
  3. Jpfabricator's intro

    I have recently acquired a post vice and anvil. I have done a few thinks on them. I have a full functioning machine shop deep in the piney woods of East Texas, but I like to work on not-as-precise projects too. I work on and restore old machinery from antique tractors to antique hand tools. I weld, and do woodworking also. I could get a lot more done in my shop if it weren't for the pesky job taking up most of my week days!
  4. Welding an anvil down?

    The wheel,pipe , and slab will be the base. I have an anvil already, I just needed some I do on attaching. It looks like some bolts and chain are now in my shopping list.
  5. Welding an anvil down?

    I have an 18 wheeler rim and a piece of heavy wall 8" pipe that will soon have a slab of 10"x10"x2" fastened to the top of it. I plan on inverting the whole lot and filling it full of sand and miter for weight. The easiest way to hook the anvil to it will be welding it. I don't plan on selling it, and it will still be semi-portable.
  6. Has anyone ever welded your anvil to a steel base? Would this work? Why, or whynot?
  7. Fire box materials??

    Cast iron, or Stainless steel? Wich would be better, and what are the pros and cons of each for a fire box in a coal forge?