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  1. In the first picture it looks like your grilling a pizza! I really like the light switch idea you have for the blower.
  2. Suggestions have been implemented. Time to light tomorrow.
  3. The tabs for the sides are brilliant! Thank you.
  4. Starting to implement the suggestions. I'll need to reattach the ash dump to the longer section of pipe. I'm debating the merits of a hinged ash dump verses the original design. I have a little bit of flat scrap to attach to the sides to increase the height but I'm not sure of the best way to attach it and still allow access for the material being heated (possibly cut it in half for a pass through). I would need to scrounge some additional scrap to increase the height for the back. Not sure how it performed before. I haven't lit it yet. I've been having too much fun just building it
  5. My first attempt at making a forge. Looking for improvements critiques or suggestions for a hood/chimney. This site has been a great source of inspiration and motivation.