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  1. Trying to get into blacksmithing, but have no idea how to, and don't know anyone to learn from. If anyone is in the Syracuse area, specifically near Fabius that would be willing to give a newbie a little help learning and getting into this, any help would be most appriciated
  2. Hey guys!I've been really interesting in learning how to do forging and smithing and all that good stuff for quite a while now and am finally going to make the leap and try and do it. Just wanted a few tips for ways to make a forge, and for tools and equipment that would be good to use, especially something as an anvil, because I don't wanna throw a lot of money at this yet because I haven't done it and wanna figure out a way to try it out relatively inexpensively. Any help or tips you guys have to offer for just starting out as far as what I need and can use for starting up and learning would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks!
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