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  1. location updated, I'm in Canada ...no, I don't live in an igloo I will try the suggested places, thank you. I've cleaned it up a bit and used it to punch a few holes and sheer some 1/4" thick bar and I can't feel any resistance when doing it so it's performing very nicely. I can see it will need some additional guards to help release the work piece after hole punching and of course some more dies but overall it is working beautifully. As for scale, it accepts 1" round stock for the cutting dies, which appears to be pretty consistent with a 50 ton unit. Thanks
  2. Hello, stumbled across your forum by accident while looking for information about what I just managed to purchase. Sadly I have not been able to find much on this other than the company started making sheet metal tools in 1937 and all the way up to the late 60s. If someone has more information about this manual ironworker and the history, any manuals, etc, about them that would be wonderful. This unit appears to be minimally modified (stand I doubt is original) and it doesn't appear to have been used that much. So here are my questions, if anyone can help what is the capacity for cutting/punching? are there any parts available? does anyone know how old this is? what is it worth these days? (I bought it and I'm happy to say it was at a very good price, just curious what it actually is worth). Thanks for any information you can offer. Mat
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