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  1. I live in west Chester Pennsylvania 30 minutes outside philly, and don't worry I won't be dropping out or quitting my job until I find a paying job as a blacksmith or decide that I'd rather pursue it as a hobby
  2. Hello, I am a 19 year old college student living in Pennsylvania, and I hate every second of it. I have always been interested in medieval weapons and high fantasy like dungeons and dragons and Lord of the Rings. I have done research online and it seems the main way to become a blacksmith is to get an apprenticeship with a blacksmith. I have looked in to getting a small anvil and other tools to try blacksmithing as a hobby but I really do not have the money to buy the expensive tools needed to work the metal, I was wondering if it is at all common for a blacksmith to take on an apprentice who has no experience? The only thing close to blacksmithing I have experience in is the very limited shop classes my high school offered. I was hoping to finish my first year of college and look for an apprentice position over the summer before I decide if I want to drop out of school or not. I realize that I won't just get to make cool weapons, armor, and other such things most of the time and that blacksmiths mainly make tools, metal parts, etc. I realize that metalworking is very hard work and I have been lifting weights 3 days a week to try to build up the muscle needed to swing a hammer and lift heavy sheets of metal all day. I was really hoping for any tips that could help me get in to this awesome profession. Also, do apprenticeships ever pay? I have an apartment with my girlfriend and I was wondering if I would have to keep my job as well as work as an apprentice or if I would have to find time to work and learn the trade. Thank you in advance for any tips! \ Edit: Just to be clear I was looking to possibly pursue a career in blacksmithing, and not just do it as a hobby.